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Frontier and Emerging Markets: The Path Ahead

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  • 25 Aug 2022

Emerging markets

Dynamic Opportunities in Fast Changing Markets

The volatility associated with emerging and frontier markets is, in part, warranted: political landscapes, legal frameworks, social forces, and economic drivers in such dynamic parts of the world can change fast. However, their markets also offer a plethora of untapped opportunities.

Are Frontier Markets Still the Great Untapped Opportunity (T. Rowe Price)

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Frontier markets represent some of the riskiest sets of opportunities for investors. However, with greater risk come greater potential returns, if these markets are navigated carefully.

Emerging Markets and Rising U.S. Interest Rates (Capital Group)

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Rising U.S. interest rates have historically weakened EM local currency debt. Capital Group believes the dynamic may have changed recently.

Emerging Economies’ Asset Purchase Program & Financial Markets (ADBI)

Central banks in emerging markets may not be followed as closely as those in developed economies but their impact on regional financial markets remains significant.

Dispatches from Cairo (PGIM Fixed Income)

Egypt is a dynamic economy with plenty of opportunities for investors willing to really dig into what makes the country work.

A Beta Approach for Managing EM Event Risks (Insight Investment)

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led investors to re-think their outlook for emerging markets debt. What attractive qualities does the asset class still offer allocators?

Brazil's Infrastructure Landscape (Kroll)

Brazil's infrastructure sector is one of the most dynamic in the world. Investors willing to research it in detail will find many potential opportunities for their portfolios.

Africa's Development Dynamics 2022 (OECD)

This seminal paper from the OECD sheds light on the regional value chains of this vast and extremely diverse continent, offering regional sub-analysis.

Green Energy Finance in the Developing World (OIES)

Is green energy a trend only for developed countries, or can emerging economies also partake in the ongoing transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable world?

MENA Energy Investment Outlook 2022-2026 (APICORP)

The Middle East and Northern Africa are geopolitically and economically interconnected. The energy outlook for the region provides investors with key insights about the MENA region.

China Cold Storage (CBRE)

The last few years have been buffeted by a massive disruption of supply chains. This report examines the Chinese cold storage sector, a key component of global supply chains.