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Forward-looking Research from May

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  • 02 Jun 2023

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Most economic and financial data is backwards-looking…but!

Investors can get a sense for what may be coming next by learning from the recent - and distant - past. Below you can find a handpicked selection of forward-looking research pieces based, naturally, on recent data. Some of the topics covered include the future of the gold market, trend following strategies, inflation, and what's next for insurance managers.

2023 Global Real Estate Outlook (PGIM Real Estate)

Global repricing is happening quickly across the board, and it is still playing out. Investors should expect global real estate returns to be under pressure over the next 12 months.

What is Next for Global Gold Demand Trends? (World Gold Council)

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Demand for gold from central banks experienced significant growth during the first quarter of 2023. What will be the next big growth driver for the precious metal?

Yes, The Credit Risk Premium Is Worth It (Vanguard)

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Average excess returns and risk properties differ across sectors, so they should be considered thoughtfully in a portfolio construction framework.

Valuation Matters: US High Yield And US Equities (FTSE Russell)

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Should investors look at the U.S. High Yield market or U.S. equities for future alpha? It is all about what valuations are saying regarding future returns.

In Gold We Trust Report 2023: Showdown (Incrementum)

Since 2007, the annual 'In Gold We Trust Report' is the authoritative report on gold investing. This is the latest iteration of one of the most sought-after documents in this space.

Allianz Global Insurance Report 2023 (Allianz)

The insurance industry finds itself in the midst of a volatile world. It cannot undo inflation, but it can smooth out the impact, acting as a kind of buffer.

The State of Clean Technology Manufacturing (IEA)

Clean energy technology manufacturing is expanding rapidly, driven by supportive policies, ambitious corporate strategies and consumer demand.

Investment Perspectives (Hymans Robertson)

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For an insurer, the balance between growth, income and protection is key and will change over time as funding changes and the investment objective inches closer.

Trend Following in Equities (Finominal)

Trend following funds, which are also known as CTAs or managed futures funds, have had a comeback recently given strong performance in 2022. Will this trend continue?