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Long-Term Investors: Family Offices and Private Wealth Managers

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  • 01 Nov 2023

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The latest insights into family offices and private wealth managers…

Family offices and private wealth managers are typically long-term investors. The selection of insights brings to light some of the most recent perspectives on these institutional investors, as well as timely pieces on what it means to be a long-term allocator in today's markets.

Global Family Office Survey Insights 2023 (Citi Private Bank)

Amid rising financial markets and unrealized fears of recession in 2023, many family offices have shifted their asset allocation more than in recent years.

Can WMs Reignite Investors' ESG Interest (Capgemini Research Institute)

ESG-related investments are facing increasing scrutiny by HNWIs who want to not only preserve their wealth but ensure their investments have a positive impact.

Risky Business: Taking A Long-Term View On Market Shocks (PGIM)

Long-term investors, such as family offices, need to take a patient approach toward navigating current market events.

Finding Value Within Long-Term Thematic Trends (Robeco)

This piece explores several themes that long-term investors should pay attention to if they want to successfully navigate the markets of the future.

Rockefeller Capital Management w/ Greg Fleming (Capital Allocators)

Greg Fleming is the CEO of Rockefeller Capital Management, a platform including private wealth management among other things, explains his latest views on markets.

Stretch Your Financial Muscles: The Unique Flexibility Of HSAs (Vanguard)

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The continued growth of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) offers a unique opportunity to save for long-term goals.

Future of Asia Wealth Management: Re-imagining Engagement (Accenture)

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Asian high-net-worth investors who took part in this survey say a high-quality channel experience is the most important consideration when selecting a wealth management firm.

U.S. Investor Study (Broadridge)

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The U.S. wealth landscape is changing year-on-year. This means that family offices and private wealth managers need to be mindful of shifting demographics.

Alternative Investments by Institutions and FAs (Investments & Wealth Institute)

Many institutions and advisors have acknowledged that alternative investments, including hedge fund strategies, PE, private credit, and real assets, offer various benefits.