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Emerging Markets: The New Set Of Opportunities

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  • 29 Feb 2024
  • Updated 01 Mar 2024


Where can allocators find alpha among emerging markets?

To answer the above question: everywhere—depending on one's investment strategy. Certain emerging markets are making good progress on a number of macroeconomic metrics, offering global investors a compelling set of opportunities for extracting alpha and even protecting their wealth. Explore the latest insights into these exciting regions below.

China’s Future And The Echoes Of Japan’s Lost Decades (State Street)

The growth model that China has adopted seems to be leading the country to the same fate as Japan. Will the world's manufacturing engine slow down?

Is China’s Economy Following In The Footsteps Of Japan? (Capital Group)

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While China's long-term growth picture and imbalances may not ultimately be as severe, weakness in confidence and investment do not bode well in the near term.

Debt Sustainability In Emerging Markets (Franklin Templeton)

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For emerging markets, recent macro developments have had implications for sovereign balance sheets, as well as fiscal policy.

The BRICS Wealth Report (Henley & Partners)

The BRICS bloc is expanding, welcoming new members such as Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Here are the latest insights into the wealth of this economic partnership.

Emerging Market Volatility Shifts Lower (Ninety One)

By some measures, EM equity assets have become less risky than DM assets. Here is why allocators should consider EM equities.

Why Investors Should Consider Emerging Markets Bonds In 2024 (Vanguard)

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The EM asset class benefits from a unique combination of wide spreads and long duration, something that neither U.S. IG nor U.S. HY can offer.

Infrastructure Investments with Climate Mitigation in Emerging Markets (GIIN)

Emerging markets are slowly progressing toward a greener future. However, there is a lot more to be done to achieve green targets.

How EM Central Banks Have Outperformed the Fed and ECB Recently (VoxEU)

When it comes to inflation, central banks from both advanced and emerging countries appear to have limited ability to foresee it.


Trackinsight 2024 Global ETF Survey Insights (State Street)

This webinar is designed to provide industry participants with a comprehensive insight into the ETF landscape for the year ahead, discussing the results from the Trackinsight Global ETF survey, co-sponsored by J.P Morgan and State Street.