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Emerging Market Debt Outlook: Risks and Opportunities – A Savvy Investor Special Report

Emerging Market Debt: A Special Report for Institutional Investors

In the second instalment of the Savvy Investor Special Report series, we are pleased to present the Emerging Market Debt edition, including interviews with leading Emerging Market (EM) managers.

Support from central banks during Q2 helped to buoy asset prices across many different markets, including EM debt. But is the relief rally over, or do opportunities still exist within this asset class? One might hypothesize that some countries are doing better than others at coping with COVID-19, and that the overall economic condition of the sovereign entity would play the largest role in any evaluation of emerging market debt. However, there are many other factors at play as well, such as currency appreciation/depreciation, corporate credit analysis, interest rates, and credit spreads (just to name a few).

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Special Report on Emerging Market Debt
Emerging Market Debt: Risks and opportunities (Special Report, 2020)

In this Special Report, Savvy Investor presents the latest thought leadership on Emerging Market Debt and discusses the risks and opportunities present in this asset class with leading investment managers.