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Economic, Market and Strategy Outlooks - Part V

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  • 11 Jan 2023


Learning from the past means preparing for the future

Investor sentiment for the year ahead is mixed. On one hand, the volatility caused by geopolitical fragmentation, higher inflation and tighter monetary policy has put some investors into risk-off mode. On the other hand, in the midst of a storm opportunities have been presenting themselves, bringing a pinch of optimism that the coming year will provide more profits than losses. On which side do you find yourself?

Record Debt, Rising Rates, and Unknown Fragilities (PGIM)

Global debt levels remain extreme. At the end of Q3 2022, the world was $290 trillion in debt. This level of credit brings substantial risks to financial stability.

Thoughts For 2023 (Insight Investment)

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A combination of rising government bond yields and widening credit spreads created volatility for credit investors in 2022. What will 2023 bring to fixed income allocators?

Long-term Capital Market Expectations (Franklin Templeton Investments)

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These long-term capital assumptions are based on first-principle economic relationships and reflect views of experienced financial professionals.

Global Fixed Income 2023 Insights: The Year of the Bond (MacKay Shields)

With bond prices lower and yields much higher than at the beginning of 2022, what will the next twelve months bring to credit allocators in terms of risks and opportunities?

Private Equity Outlook: A Buyers’ Market Ahead (Wellington Management)

The private equity market remains volatile, and the macro backdrop will continue to present numerous risks and opportunities for private companies as investors head into 2023.

U.S. Q1 2023 Guide to the Markets (JP Morgan AM)

JP Morgan Asset Management's guide to markets for the first quarter of 2023 provides an in-depth assessment of the macro backdrop for global assets.

Video: Municipal Bond Outlook 2023 (MFS)

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Municipal bonds are set for a volatile few months as 2023 starts. However, as well as challenges there are opportunities for allocators.

UK Real Estate Market Outlook 2023 (CBRE)

After a positive recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK economy now faces plenty of headwinds. What will these macro forces mean for the real estate market?