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Digital Assets and Infrastructure

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  • 08 Nov 2023
  • Updated 17 Nov 2023

Digital Assets and Infrastructure

The latest insights into technological innovations…

Digital assets and infrastructure are a new thing for investors. However, they are quickly becoming an essential part of how markets function and how allocators think about finding returns. The collection of insights below provides investors with the latest perspectives on this third wave of technological innovation, touching on cryptos, digital currencies, and more.

Private Markets Investment in Digital Infrastructure (Meketa)

The constant evolution and expansion of digital technology globally requires massive ongoing investments in infrastructure.

Beyond Crypto: Understanding Central Bank Digital Currencies (Amundi)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States

Digital currencies are gaining more traction among central bankers. Find out what are the latest technologies underpinning this development.

Beyond Fundamentals: Outlook On Digital Payments (Polen Capital)

Digital technologies are affecting all asset classes. One of them is the oldest: equities. Within the realm of digital payments a revolution is taking place.

Crypto: Where Do We Go From Here? (State Street)

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi promise to revolutionize finance by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and reducing rents. But plenty of challenges remain.

Crypto Market Functioning and Development (World Federation of Exchanges)

This report focuses on the structure and the quality of the markets crypto-trading platforms and assess how DLTs are changign market infrastructures and regulations.

No Clarity on U.S. Crypto Regulation (Nomura Research Institute)

There is no clarity on U.S. regulation on the crypto universe. The recent SEC developments do not remove this concern either. Find out why.

Enabling Innovation through a Digital Pound (Bank of England)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

The relevant authorities in the UK have indicated that a central bank digital currency, in wholesale or retail form – known as a digital pound – is likely to be needed.

A Primer to Navigating the Challenges of Safeguarding Digital Assets (GDF)

Distributed ledger technology has the potential to transform financial services and impact capital markets and traditional market structures.

Quarterly Outlook: Crypto Markets in 10 Charts (Coinbase Institutional)

This quarterly outlook provides ten charts that cover some key crypto market fundamentals and technicals.

The Challenge of High-tech Digital Platforms (Reason Foundation)

Sweeping changes have disrupted society courtesy of the Information Revolution, presenting great opportunities in radically transformed economic markets.


Outsourced Trading Strategies (State Street)

Outsourced trading is proving productive and profitable for those in the know. But a lack of familiarity and misconceptions persist. Join State Street on 15 November for a discussion on he different ways institutional investors are enhancing, extending, and deepening their trading capabilities through outsourcing and what their experience has been.