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Are Commercial Real Estate Problems Poised to Spread?

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  • 16 Feb 2024

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A bubble is about to burst—or so it seems

Commercial real estate is under pressure. The main culprit: tight monetary policy. In particular, the U.S. real estate market—and by implication the real estate debt sector—has come under intense scrutiny. This week, an article by Bloomberg stressed: "Across the country, deals are starting to pick up, revealing just how far real estate prices have fallen. That’s spurring widespread concern about losses that can ripple across the global financial system." Explore the latest insights into the real estate and real estate debt sectors to successfully navigate these troubling developments.

The Strategic Use Of Leverage In Real Estate Debt Funds (PGIM Real Estate)

Real estate debt funds offer investors another way to invest in real estate markets and diversify portfolio income.

Private Real Estate Market Forecasts (Natixis IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

This report looks at the European private real estate market in light of recent data in order to offer allocators an insight into what may happen next with the sector.

U.S. Office CRE Mess Is Spreading Across Investors & Banks (Wolf Street)

Commercial Real Estate debt is looking rather poor in the U.S., where several banks are already sending up red flags about the sector.

U.S. Commercial Real Estate Debt: Discovering Beneficial Routes (Nuveen)

Traditional lenders have responded to the changing risk profile in wider commercial real estate markets by reducing their lending exposure, rather than managing it.

Outlook 2024: U.S. Commercial Real Estate (Colliers)

The U.S. real estate sector has been in the news recently. If this part of the market weakens, the ripples will be felt globally.

Comprehensive Analysis Of European LRE Industry 2023 (EPRA)

This report looks at the impact of monetary policy on commercial real estate debt, focusing on the debt profile of listed real estate companies.

Commercial Real Estate: Where Are The Financial Risks? (FRBSL)

Not all banks are equally exposed to risks in commercial real estate. However, they need not be in order to feel the weaking of the sector.

Real Estate Investment Trusts Primer (Meketa)

This primer defines what a REIT is, explains the different types, discusses the characteristics of this market, and reviews REIT’s historical risk and return profile.