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CIO Reading List: March 2024

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  • 20 Mar 2024

CIO Reading List

Knowledge is the key to successful capital allocation

Keep abreast of the key developments likely to impact financial markets with this section of insights, views, and news that make essential reading for every CIO.

2024 CIO Sentiment Survey: A New Cycle? (Casey Quirk/

Allocators still view private markets as the place to deliver alpha relative to public markets. Find out why in this report.

Global Real Estate: Approaching the Turn (Macquarie Asset Management)

On the real estate supply side, higher rates and construction costs alongside tighter lending standards are causing new development starts to fall back. What about demand forces?

Institutional Ownership of the U.S. Equity Market (ECGI)

This paper reveals why certain institutions win and lose in the contest for flows and implicates important legal conversations, including the impact of stock buybacks.

Distribution Barometer 2024 (Magellan Advisory Partners)

With investors looking to position for economic uncertainty, the expectation is that many will be looking to seek out high quality equity strategies that can weather uncertainty.

Interview w/ Peter Madsen | CIO of SITFO (Top Traders Unplugged)

Peter Madsen, CIO of SITFO, talks about how the $3.5bn State of Utah Sovereign Fund runs its investment portfolio in this market environment.

Hedge Fund Outlook: Investor Sentiment Turns Bullish for 2024 (Barclays)

Almost 55% of investors surveyed indicate they are looking for a premium of 300–400 basis points over the risk-free rate for their HF allocations.

Asset Allocation Monthly – An ‘Immaculate’ Base Case (BNP Paribas AM)

Unlike bonds, equity valuations appear priced for perfection. Where can investors find the right opportunities among asset classes?

Is Active Management Worth Paying For? Fundsmith CIO Terry Smith (Money Maze)

Terry Smith, Founder and CIO of Fundsmith, discusses his investment approach and how he thinks about allocating capital in today's markets.