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China Focus: Market Forces and Economic Drivers

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  • 06 Jul 2022


Navigating Opportunities and Risks in the Biggest Asian Market

Since China joined the World Trade Organization just over 20 years ago, the links between Western economies and Asia's biggest manufacturing house have been growing tighter. Today, China offers an interesting proposition to investors: a long list of attractive opportunities that sit alongside a growing range of challenges. How should allocators view the Chinese market and economy as the political global order changes?

The Case for China Remains Strong (T. Rowe Price, Jun 2022)

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China offers exciting opportunities for investors willing to deal with a growing list of challenges. T. Rowe Price provides a roadmap for navigating these complexities.

How Compatible is China’s Communism With its Capitalism? (Lazard AM, Jun 2022)

One of the most pressing concerns for investors is how to read China's mix of capitalism and communism: can free markets operate within a centralised regime?

Touching Off: The opportunities in Chinese equities (Man Group, Jun 2022)

Chinese equities may offer attractive opportunities for investors: they can potentially produce attractive capital growth while also improving diversification.

Sustainable Asian Cities – Preparing now for the future (BNP Paribas AM, 2022)

China is one of the world's biggest polluters. However, BNP Baribas is also eyeing Chinese cities with its Sustainable Asian Cities Bond strategy.

How is the U.S. Dollar Affecting Asian Currencies? (Manulife IM, 2022)

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The currencies of many emerging markets, including those in Asia, tend to be inversely correlated with the U.S. dollar: when the greenback goes up, these currencies go down.

China's Onshore Equities Beyond Large Caps (S&P Dow Jones Indices, 2022)

Like in any other equity market, there is a wide discrepancy between the volatility and return profile of Chinese equities. This paper focuses on Chinese mid-caps.

Checking the Temperature of the Chinese Consumer (LGIM blog, Jun 2022)

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Given the size of the Chinese economy, it has implications for economies worldwide whether Chinese consumers feel confident or not.

Uncommon Truths – Chinese equities (Invesco, 2022)

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What is the outlook for Chinese stocks going forward? Invesco aims to answer this question with an in-depth report.

Lockdown in China and the Global Supply Chain (FRBKC, 2022)

The recent Covid-induced lockdown in China will have massive implications for global supply chains. Investors need to prepare accordingly.

Big Tech Stocks & Their Chinese Counterparts (The Felder Report, Jun 2022)

There is a high degree of correlation between the Nasdaq 100 Index and the Golden Dragon China Index. What does this mean for Chinese tech stocks going forward?