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Capital Markets Update

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  • 12 Apr 2023
  • Updated 21 Apr 2023

capital markets

Forces driving capital markets

Capital markets are drivers of long-term wealth, but it is difficult to predict the fundamental forces which will shape capital markets in the years ahead. Below are some of the latest insights into the risks and opportunities facing capital markets, curated to help investors reach their own conclusions about this vital part of the economic-financial ecosystem.

Global IPO Trends Q1 2023 (EY)

IPO-bound companies need to focus on building sustainable businesses with strong fundamentals to be well-positioned in a volatile environment.

Capital Market Assumptions, March 2023 (PIMCO)

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Capital markets remain torn by uncertainty. Here is what institutional investors should expect from different markets going forward.

Capital Market Assumptions Q1 2023 – USD (Invesco)

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The first few months of 2023 have been a whirlwind. Inflation, geopolitical tensions and uncertainty over the direction of the Chinese economy are still on investors' agendas.

Pension Funds and Capital Markets in Africa (Cogent Economics & Finance)

Globally, capital markets are estimated to be USD 178 trillion in size, making them one of the most powerful drivers of economic growth and wealth creation.

Japan: 25 Years of Adding Liquidity and Counting (OMFIF)

The main benefit of Japan’s Quantitative Easing programme has been to suppress long yields and, thus, debt-service costs.

Do Stocks Always Outperform Bonds? (Verdad)

Stocks have outperformed over the long term, both in the US and internationally, but there have been long periods where that has not been the case.

Cost of Capital: A Practical Guide (Morgan Stanley IM)

The cost of capital varies over time. Periods where the cost of capital is high tend to be followed by periods of above normal returns, on average.