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Best Investment Industry Paper 2019

CFA Institute wins "Best Investment Industry Paper 2019"

The investment industry faces numerous challenges over the coming years - from extraordinary growth opportunities in Asia, to fee compression, new technologies, and changing consumer expectations. How should firms (and people) adapt to the changing dynamics of the investment industry? Against this backdrop, our winning paper this year is from CFA Institute and examines the attributes and characteristics that will be required by the investment professional of the future.

Investment Industry 2019


Investment Professional of the Future (CFA Institute)

As the investment industry undergoes accelerating change, the investment professional of the future must adapt and embrace new challenges and opportunities for career success. This report considers how investment industry roles, skills, and careers (the employee’s lens) and the organizational context and culture (the employer’s lens) are shaping the attributes of the investment professional of the future.


How can asset managers meet the needs of asset owners in the Great Acceleration? (Thinking Ahead Institute)

Using a framework established in a 2018 report from CFA Institute entitled ‘Investment Firm of the Future,’ the Thinking Ahead Institute looks at the business model, operating model, people model, investment model, and distribution model of investment firms. The report then provides guidance in terms of attributes of firms that may lead to successful future outcomes.

Asset & Wealth Management 2025: The Asian Awakening (PwC)

PwC presents 36 pages on the awakening of the Asia-Pacific asset and wealth management industry. Assets under management in this region are expected to almost double in the period from 2017 to 2025. The rise of Shanghai as a financial hub and China's Belt-and-Road initiative will spawn a myriad of investment opportunities in the region.

Trends in the Expenses and Fees of Funds (ICI)

This paper by the Investment Company Institute details the latest trends in the expenses and fees of investment funds. On average, equity mutual fund expense ratios fell by 4 basis points in 2018 to 0.55%. Target date mutual funds' expense ratios averaged 0.40%.

Asset Managers & Wholesale Banks: Searching for Growth in Disruption (Oliver Wyman/Morgan Stanley)

Falling margins are putting pressure on asset managers and wholesale banks. Asset managers need to decide what strategy to undertake in China and how to properly leverage new technologies. Industry revenues are forecast to decrease further due to increased competition and pressure on fees.

Will the good times keep rolling for Asia's asset managers? (McKinsey & Company)

McKinsey & Company looks at the state of the asset management industry in Asia, including secular trends that have led to strong growth (over 9% AUM growth annually) over the past decade. What techniques are fast-growing asset management firms using in Asia, and how can their successes be replicated?

How much do fees affect the active versus passive debate? (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

S&P's SPIVA scorecards measure the performance of actively-managed equity and fixed income mutual funds versus their respective benchmark indices. This report also analyzes the impact of fees on investment returns. Fees made a sizeable impact on municipal bond fund and MBS fund returns versus their indices.


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