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Trends Underpinning the Asset Management Industry

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  • 09 Sep 2022

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These Forces Are Shaping How Asset Managers Operate

While institutional investors' needs drive what kind of products asset managers can launch successfully, there are also developments that are changing the very practice of asset management. From new perspectives on diversity and inclusion, the digitalisation of the global economy and the associated risks and opportunities, to geopolitical tensions that can alter perceptions of certain markets, these forces are transforming the business of asset management.

Why Outsourced Trading is No Longer an All-or-nothing Option (State Street)

Asset managers have generally either invested in execution technology in-house or outsourced the function. State Street examines recent moves to adopt a modular approach.

The Power of Teams in Investment Management (RBC GAM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the United States and Canada

This paper makes the case that the benefits from a diverse and reliable team of financial professionals may be better suited to deliver returns than relying on a ‘star fund manager'.

Cybersecurity: A Neglected Investment Risk (Lombard Odier IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Lombard Odier lays out the risks from cybersecurity threats to investment portfolios and offers practical ways to mitigate these and protect investors in a digitalised world.

China Asset Management Report (EY, 2022)

Despite increasing geopolitical tensions between China and the West, the former remains a land of long-term opportunities for asset managers to expand their offerings.

Race and Hedge Funds (2022)

How does the hedge fund universe fare in terms of its racial diversity? Does it keep up with the broader diversity trends across the asset management industry? An academic study.

Machine Learning For Econometricians (Portfolio Management Research)

This paper provides a manual for how machine learning can benefit the specialists who apply statistics to economic and financial models in order to explain complex economic themes.

Potential Paths For a Tech-powered UK Fund Industry (The Investment Association)

The UK fund industry is being transformed by technology. What paths could the sector take in the next few years, and what would these potential changes mean for investors?

Global Public Investor (OMFIF, 2022)

A survey of some of the biggest institutional allocators in the world, this publication is essential reading for any asset manager interested in spotting transformational trends.

Metaverse and Money: Decrypting the future (Citi GPS, 2022)

The Metaverse, best known as the world where virtual reality plays out, is evolving to become the next generation of the internet – with important implications for money and investing.

Institutionalisation of Crypto-assets & DeFi–TradFi Interconnectedness (OECD)

Decentralised finance and crypto-assets may become a permanent feature of the asset management industry going forward. Institutional investors are driving these developments.