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The Investment Industry's Next Chapter

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  • 07 Dec 2022

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The business of asset management

For efficient capital allocation to take place, the business of asset management needs to continuously improve itself. How asset managers operate, how they hire and retain talent, the methods they use to market their offerings, the technology they employ - all these factors create the necessary infrastructure which enables a diversity of investment views to be applied through strategies and then in the form of various financial products.

Can Allocators Become Data-Driven Organizations? (State Street Corporation)

The growing amount of data on portfolios and markets opens up a wide range of novel ways to build and position portfolios efficiently.

Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study 2013-2022 (Invesco)

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Bringing to light ten years' worth of data, this paper provides insights into how the sovereign investor segment has evolved over time.

A Systematic Approach to Building Tax-aware Portfolios (Vanguard)

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Asset allocation to meet the investment needs of sophisticated investors can be done with a time-varying element in mind. This can enhance diversification.

Podcast: In Conversation with Richard Romer-Lee (LGIM)

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Richard Romer-Lee, CEO at Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research offers his thoughts on how the investment industry has evolved and where it may be heading next.

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in Investment Management (CFA Institute)

AI can help the asset management industry grow and prepare for the future. However, artificial intelligence also poses serious ethical issues that need to be considered.

Webinar: The Impact of the Great Wealth Transfer (CAIA)

The asset management industry is witnessing a wealth transfer between generations, as well as one between men and women as more female-owned businesses are born.

Institutional Investors, Alternative Asset Managers, and ESG Preferences (ECGI)

This survey highlights the ESG preferences of institutional investors and alternative asset managers from across the world.

Using A CRM To Raise and Retain Assets: The Insider's Guide 2022 (ProFundCom)

Maintaining close relationships with existing and prospective clients is not easy. A CRM can help marketers achieve this and, in turn, boost a firm's AUM.