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Opportunities and Risks in APAC Markets

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  • 24 Mar 2023
  • Updated 27 Mar 2023


Research on dynamic markets and economies

As European and U.S. markets have become more volatile in recent weeks, investors are re-assessing the risk-reward profiles of other regions. APAC may offer an attractive set of opportunities in this regard. The content below has been selected to aid allocators' research into the dynamic markets and economies of the APAC region.

This Time Is Different: Japan Value And Corporate Governance (Man Group)

A year-long effort to improve corporate governance in Japan and increase shareholder value has met with limited success. But there is hope ahead.

Approaching Investing in China (Invesco)

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Given the growing geopolitical risks, China wants to ensure adequate risk controls for financial services companies, including sufficient capitalization.

China On Track Despite Geopolitical Balloons Being Popped (Robeco)

Data shows that China’s equity market is trading at attractive valuations below its historical average level. Earnings revisions could provide upside going forward.

Podcast: Japan's Economic Recovery (Wellington Management)

In this engaging podcast, Tokyo-based portfolio manager Dan Maguire discusses the lasting economic and market implications of Japan's efforts to end deflation.

Real Estate Outlook – APAC, Edition March 2023 (UBS AM)

Recent data shows that APAC leasing activity in 4Q22 moderated further on the back of mounting macro uncertainties.

Private Credit in Asia: Opportunities and Themes for 2023 (GPCA)

For allocators looking at alternative assets and strategies, Asia remains the world’s fastest-growing credit market, including alternative credit.

Indian Venture Debt: The Rising Tide of Credit in the New Economy (BCG)

The Indian economy is becoming more dynamic. As a result, venture debt has plenty of room to grow in this market.

Positioning APAC Asset Owners for Growth (State Street)

The landscape of asset owners in APAC is changing fast, with many trying to build scale. However, to do so, they need the right infrastructure.

The Australian M&A Outlook: 2023 (PwC)

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Looking at the M&A sector in Australia, renewables and the energy transition will likely continue to spark activity in 2023.