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Private Real Assets: Diversification creates resilience

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Real assets are tangible, physical assets that have an inherent value deriving from their attributes and usefulness. The asset class includes commodities, land, precious metals, real estate, equipment and machinery, and natural resources. Occasionally, this definition is expanded to include an element of inflation protection, in which case financial assets such as Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) can also be included in the list.

Private real assets also come with their own distinct challenges. They are typically illiquid and most suitable for institutional investors with a longer time horizon. Additionally, physical ownership of private assets such as those mentioned above requires a certain degree of operational expertise. Taking all of this into account, developing an optimal allocation to private real assets can become a complex process. 

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READ NOW: Private Real Assets: Diversification creates resilience (Special Report, 2021)

Private Real Assets: Diversification creates resilience (Special Report, 2021)

This Special Report outlines how real assets can be used to help generate returns, whilst also providing diversification and inflation hedging benefits.