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Investing in Asia: A tipping point (Special Report, 2020)

Investing in Asia: A tipping point — A Savvy Investor Special Report

Savvy Investor is pleased to present the latest in our series of Special Reports, covering a variety of topics relevant to institutional investors. Structural changes are occurring across Asia, driven in part by demographics and a growing trend towards localization to counter the ramifications of the US-China trade dispute. Headlines about poor air quality in many Asian cities obfuscates some of the significant strides that are also being made across Asia in sustainable investment, particularly those associated with climate change. 

This Special Report presents the latest thought leadership on the changing dynamics taking place within Asian markets and discusses the risks and opportunities with leading asset managers.

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Asia investing special report

Investing in Asia: A tipping point (Special Report, 2020)

This Special Report investigates a number of the issues confronting investors in Asia such as the growing trend of de-globalisation. It also outlines the ways in which technological change and financial capital can leverage some of the moves being made in sustainable investing throughout the region.

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