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The 9th Annual Global Covered Bonds Conference (London) 14 March 2016

This year's conference on Global Covered Bonds is scheduled to take place on the 14th of March in the city of London. Following on from last year's forum (which was primarily focused on the trends in the covered bond market in developed economies) this event will provide attendees with a broader global perspective, including an in depth look at covered bonds in the BRIC countries and other emerging markets. Structured to serve the needs of investors, underwriters and issuers, this event will be a great opportunity for participants to network and exchange valuable ideas. The 9th Global Covered Bonds conference will widen its focus globally, by identifying and reviewing the most recent emerging markets for the covered bonds product. This event will attract issuers from around the world from established markets such as Germany and Sweden, to new highly active markets like Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey. European investors seeking increased diversity within their portfolios will have a clear insight into the world of covered bonds in the convenience of a London venue. The revised one day format of this event will be more efficient and content driven, allowing for maximum learning with minimal time away from the office. The conference will once again provide opportunity for thought provoking discussion, networking and the development of investment and funding strategies for investors and issuers alike.

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