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22nd Annual Beneficial Owners' Securities Lending & Collateral Management Conference (Phoenix) 3-5 Feb 2016

  • 3 February 2016 - 5 February 2016
  • Organiser: IMN Conferences
  • Phoenix, USA

This long-running event will explore a wide variety of current issues relating to trends, opportunities and risks related to the management of financial collateral as it pertains to lending, as well as topics such as security pricing, repo transactions and an update on regulatory affairs (i.e. Dodd Frank, Basel 3, etc.). The conference is designed to meet the needs of asset managers, CROs, treasury managers and other financial professionals operating in this area, enabling them to exchange ideas and network over the course of two days in Phoenix, Arizona. This summit brings Beneficial Owners the most up to date information on the subject of Securities Lending with relation to programming and strategy. In addition the conference seeks to address the vital elements of collateral and its management as it pertains to Securities Lending.

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