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Insurance Investment Summit (New York City) 25 Apr 2017

Insurance Investment Summit, April 25 in NYC

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

A complimentary event for insurance professionals
What To Do When the Old Rules Don't Apply

Faced with an extended period of low interest rates and an economy that hasn't responded as expected to monetary stimulus, insurance companies are being forced to face challenges that they may have put off confronting.

While companies and regulators may be focusing on near-term problems, the longer-term structural investment issues facing insurance companies remain largely unaddressed. Join us to hear industry leaders discuss:

  • Confronting the need for change in general account management and the shift towards passive and alternatives
  • What U.S. companies can learn from Europe's experience with extended periods of low interest rates
  • What's next for product innovation in a highly regulated market
  • Proactively dealing with hidden F/X exposure and unmanaged risk
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