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Investment management has long been a vital component of modern business practises; this field, which focuses on meeting investment goals for clients’ financial holdings also extends to important facets such as pension and retirement funds and policies, governmental and educational institutions, and insurance holdings. With everything from asset allocation to existing investment regulation to portfolio strategy, investment management is a key business field that is soon set to sail with the growing waves of digital innovation in modern businesses.

Present day investment management holds strong stock in professional and thorough analysis, focussing on both outperforming the market while protecting one’s portfolio. The future of this business aspect seeks to cut out immense fees and fluctuations with the implementation of digital and active assets. What this essentially entails is that investment management services will slowly shift from analysis off correlation and prediction models, to data analysis using automating assets like AI and social media driven algorithms.

With the presence of upcoming firms and organisations like RobinHood and SoFi slowly integrating into Millennial and even Gen Z financial culture, investment management is taking turns towards external regulatory boards, systematic diligence and oversight, and risk management based off leading and present indicators. This growing shift helps resonate with the belief that investment management is slowly incorporating a culture that grows beyond a cohesive professional environment towards better human capital and workforce management, as well as a streamlined and uncomplicated leadership position in the form of a singular professional CEO.

Technology is set to take investment management to front of increased accuracy and efficiency. This change is set to rebalance investors as well as increase transparency and trust in company process and goals. As the shift in internal businesses processes turns from historical and lagging data to real time and accurate digital automation, analysis, risk predictions, portfolio management, and investor trust is set to reach new heights.

The future of investment management in businesses looks at fronts of client trust, cohesive and capable productivity, and innovation towards efficiency. On this note, Group Futurista is excited to announce its new Virtual Summit: ‘ The Future of Investment Management for Businesses.’