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Tackling climate change may well rank as the biggest market opportunity of our lifetimes. Outsized returns often result from solving outsized challenges. In fact in 2021 funding of climate tech start-ups increased by 210 per cent. The projected value of the global green tech market in 2030 is nearly 75 billion US dollars. Whilst many highlight that they have seen the green boom-and-bust before, it seems as though this new boom is one that will last.

The urgency of the climate crisis, supportive policy frameworks and examples of market successes are all indications that the boom in green tech investing is sustainable, in all meanings of the word. In the first of a series of Tech Investment Summits, FT Live and Nikkei will bring together investors and innovators to discuss how to sustain the green tech investment boom and ensure that finance and technologies are effectively deployed at scale to support the transition to a net-zero world.