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Future of Investment Management: Increasing use of investment Data and technology.

  • What is an Investment Data Management Platform and why would I need one?
  • Using an Investment Data Management Maturity Model to inform your investment data program.
  • Optimising the use of good quality data to enhance Investment decision support.
  • IBOR, ABOR and PBOR.
  • Recent Regulatory Developments- Including Portfolio Holding Disclosure Requirements and new APRA Reporting Standards.
  • Compliance automation: Increasing regulatory and institutional investor pressures requiring pre-trade, intra-day, post-trade compliance checks.
  • Client reporting and the data management that supports it.
  • Designing or reviewing your investment operating model including data & technology.
  • The Digital Transformation of Performance Analytics, Workflow and Data Distribution.
  • Choosing the right technology and data partners.
  • ESG and data: Understanding ESG Data Challenges.
  • Rising to the occasion: How data teams can make organisations date-centric