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Join the smartest CIOs as they find answers to issues like ESG, AI, and smart staffing. Amid fickle EM headwinds and shrinking public equity, recession fears loom, and the future of DB plans is uncertain in a rapidly accelerating LDI world. CIOs at public and private plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations and family offices need easy access to a strong peer network and smart ways to build high-performance offices, staffed with the best talent. The 2019 CIO Summit, with its high density of the most respected CIOs in the industry, will bring animated discussions on what CIOs and senior investment consultants are demanding most—ranging from fund leverage to ESG, from private equity to artificial intelligence. They’ll vet ideas on balancing governance models, team restructuring, benchmarks and board alignment. The conference will feature a special session exclusively for CIOs, on a topic relevant to and decided by CIO summit registrants. Always behind closed doors, summit participants will air their most pressing issues, but above all, they’ll network with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Join the 2019 think tank to navigate some of the world’s most challenging investment topics of the year.