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Those who acknowledge and ascribe to the value of impact investing will be looking for guidance on advancing their knowledge and use of the strategies and tools to be even more effective in their actions and their portfolios. Those who are still hesitant (thankfully a smaller number now than it used to be) might have to be convinced that the usual fundamental theory for that resistance – that impact investing costs returns rather than enhancing them, and it’s related sister theory that it is not a fiduciary duty – will have to be approached with the growing pool of solid evidence that impact investing is both the good thing to do as well as the right thing for portfolios. Therefore, our 3rd Wealth Management Annual Impacting Investing Forum will examine both sides of the coin, but within the context of the considerable achievements and advances which are being made in the field of impacting investing and with full acknowledgement of its increasingly broad adoption among investors as more and more of them examine their own attitudes and investment objectives.