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Around the world opportunities in wealth are being created in different ways, driven by new innovations, and the growth of wealth in different societies can be a force for good. Individuals who have successfully build their businesses or managed inherited assets have an important role in building sustainable societies. London, the world’s capital of the super-rich and with the highest number of billionaires, also boasts of the highest number of philanthropic activities carried out by the wealthy. From the likes of Roman Abramovich, the Weston family, and Sir Michael Hintze, many of them have invested in good causes that undeniably have a positive impact on the sustainability of society. Wealth & Society is organizing a 4-day programme in London on 5-8 November 2018, for ultra-high-net-worth individuals who would like to be updated on the latest ideas about innovation in wealth management and responsible investing, as well as meet like-minded peers from all over the world. Senior and chief executives from financial institutions will also find this programme useful. The tour includes site visits to leading companies in wealth and asset management, boutique family owned banks, successful businesses with unique, cutting-edge business models and promising startups.