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More recently, investments and overseas mergers and aquisitions of Turkish companies , are reaching USD 20 billion including greenfield in an extensive area reaching from America to Africa and Europe to Asia. Investment in developed countries, especially Europe (mainly UK) and USA is extensive.  In Africa too, energy and contracting investments together with basic manufacturing projects including light textile and apparel are on the increase. The general pattern of Turkish investor behaviour can be outlined as they focus on long-term sector dynamics and investment return rather than short term route changes. This means, the high-income western countries will continue to attract tem. In fact, a sizeable number of new investments will result from greenfield investments compared to brownfield and mergers and aquisitions. UK and USA are regarded as premium investment addresses going forward. Eastern European countries are also becoming more attractive for Turkish investors, particularly for manufacturing operations. For the UK, the post-Brexit business world is waiting for reforms that will reinforce PM Theresa May's image of"Global Britain". Those who are outside of the EU regulatory framework and limitations such as Turkish investors, are hopeful of growing their potential for UK investments with legislative flexibility. The UK provides an investment core towards Europe for international growth of Turkish businesses.