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Annual Foundation, Endowment & Not-For-Profit Investment Summit (Toronto) 17-18 Jan 2018

This conference by Strategy Institute is Canada’s longest-running and largest investments summit dedicated to foundations and endowments. With interest rates near rock-bottom, foundations and endowments need to rethink their investment strategies to secure steady returns. This exclusive event is your chance to source innovative strategies and meet your investment targets. Act now to establish a cohesive plan to mitigate risks, maximize returns and lower your cost per dollar in financial downturns. Specifically created for Foundations, Endowments and Not-for-profits, gain practical advice to: Weather volatility and low interest rates; Hedge currency risks; Advance impact investing strategies; Tap into alternative assets opportunities; Strengthen your governance; Develop a blueprint to help your Foundation, Endowment or Not-for-profit continue to achieve its mandate and benefit generations to come!

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