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Total ALTS (San Francisco, CA) 7 Sep 2017

  • 7 September 2017 - 8 September 2017
  • Organiser: IMN Conferences
  • San Francisco, USA

Organised by the IMN, the Total Alts conference will give a full and rounded picture of the Alternative Investment sphere; the discussion will be relevant for Hedge Fund Managers, Private Equity Funds, Venture Captial Funds and Technology Providers. The two-day event proves to be an excellent opportunity to absorb all elements and strategies of alternative investments. Total Alts aims to showcase how broad a spectrum the alternative investment world is; knowing the importance of keeping a keen eye on how the investment world involves. IMN aims to provide exposure to the various strategies available in the alternative investment sector with he Total Alts conference. Through recognising the diversity in the alternative investment world, Total Alts will represent the growth in the sector. Attendees will be made up of investment professionals, investors, law firms, accountants, software designers and broker dealers. Over the two days, there will be a variety of learning opportunities coupled with a wide range of networking events, allowing a well-rounded yet focused event.

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