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FT Debt Capital Markets Outlook: Unlocking the Great Normalisation (London) 28 Feb 2017

What will fading monetary policy and higher inflation mean for corporate and government bond investors in 2017?  Hear a comprehensive update on opportunities for investment gains amidst record low rates and risk premiums at FT Debt Capital Markets Outlook 2017 conference.

Cornelia Holthausen, Deputy Director General, Market Operations, European Central Bank will give the keynote address on The DCM Reality in Europe, and speakers including Marjan Divjak, Director General, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia; Archie Beeching, Senior Manager, Investment Practices - Fixed Income, PRI; David Marsh, Managing Director, OMFIF and others, will tackle questions such as, what role will MiFID II play, alternative liquidity providers, and increased monetary policy play? What will the catalyst be to change market liquidity structure and get past disruption to a sustainable normalisation? As well as many other questions.

Join senior investors, central bankers, fund managers, primary dealers, issuers, market strategists and industry thought leaders to determine the difference between hype and solid trends amid an abundance of new products and solutions to manage the tumultuous ride ahead.

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