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Women in Portfolio Management

Gender Diversity in the Investment Industry

Globally, less than 5% of assets are managed by women, yet mounting evidence suggests that gender diverse boards and gender diverse organizations may in fact perform better. 

One of the key principles of portfolio management is diversification, yet diversity is remarkably absent within the investment profession, with fewer than 1 in 5 CFA charterholders being female. For that reason, we've put together this top 10 list of papers on gender diversity within the portfolio management industry. 

Savvy Investor

Gender Diversity in Investment Management: Closing the Gender Gap (2018)
The CFA Institute recently found that women represent less than one in five CFA® charterholders. Is it possible to improve investor outcomes via diversity, by starting to close the gender gap?

Incorporating diversity into passive investments (FTSE Russell, 2018)
Evidence suggests that diverse companies and diverse boards of directors perform better. FTSE Russell reviews how their index series can facilitate investor exposure to the theme of gender diversity, via a broad market benchmark.

Preqin Special Report: Women in Venture Capital (Mar 2018)
Just 19% of execs in the alternatives industry are women, and many of them are in marketing and investor relations roles. This 20 page report examines gender issues in hedge funds, private equity & debt, real estate and real assets.

Fearless Girl: State Street continues the campaign for board diversity (2018)
Last year, SSGA identified and engaged with more than 700 companies without a single woman on their board. On this new microsite, SSGA explains why board diversity matters and reviews the impact of the Fearless Girl campaign, so far.

Why Are There Are So Few Female Fund Managers (Columbia Threadneedle, 2017)
Globally, only 7% of funds are managed by women, accounting for just 4% of assets. This 10-page paper by Columbia Threadneedle discusses the lack of women in the fund management industry.

Millennials and women lead responsible investing interest (Eaton Vance, 2017)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is not accessible in the USA or Canada)
Eaton Vance's recent ATOMIX survey suggests that interest in socially responsible investing is growing rapidly, particularly amongst millennials and women.

Harnessing talent through diversity for better pensions (PLSA, 2017)
The authors argue that diverse boards reflect a broad range of voices and will be less prone to groupthink. Evidence suggests that such companies are more likely to be successful in the long-term.

Return on Equality: Investment opportunities closing the gender gap (BNY Mellon)
The potential economic benefits of gender equality and well-documented, yet for the most part they are currently being ignored. BNY Mellon and the UN Foundation explore the market potential of improvements in gender equality.

Gender Diversity in Australia: why we are talking about it (AMP Capital, 2016)
In the past 32 years, Australia's progress on gender equality has been remarkably slow. In this article, Karin Halliday investigates what can be done to help change the industry more quickly.

The Relative Stock Performance of Gender-Diverse Boards (IMCA, 2017)
This paper from the IMCA looks at gender diversity in within S&P 500 companies over the past decade, to determine whether the presence of women on boards of directors actually improves stock performance.

Preqin Special Report: Women in Venture Capital (Mar 2018)
Expanding upon data within Preqin’s 2017 Women in Alternative Assets report, this report focuses on women-owned VC firms and initiatives to improve the gender imbalance.

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