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Webinar: Why Digital Assets Are Here to Stay (State Street, 2023)

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  • 21 Feb 2023
  • Updated 08 Mar 2023

CLICK TO WATCH: Why Digital Assets Are Here to Stay

In November 2022, State Street commissioned Oxford Economics to conduct an independent survey on the future of digital assets. Data gathered from 300 investment institutions showed that 73 percent of respondents have either not changed, or have only slightly changed, their allocation to digital assets in the past 12 months. 

Moreover, 82 percent of respondents stated that they expected little or no changes to their allocations to digital assets in the coming year. This demonstrates that, despite some short-term turbulence, digitalization remains an exciting new frontier for financial markets.  

Indeed, if it’s possible for the industry to draw any silver lining around the FTX debacle, it's the expectation that we’ll see an acceleration of much-needed regulation in the digital finance space. This development can only strengthen the institutional viability of digital assets. Join us for a timely discussion about why digital assets are here to stay.

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CLICK TO WATCH: Why Digital Assets Are Here to Stay