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Wealth Management Industry Trends - the best white papers

10 Disruptive Trends in the Wealth Management industry

The wealth management industry has some huge challenges over the next twelve months, with advisers needing to get to grips with disruptive new trends in social media and technology in particular.


From a technology perspective, the ongoing rise of automation, such as electronic distribution platforms and robo-advisors, is likely to reshape wealth management distribution and disrupt the core operating model of many firms — for both institutional and retail business.

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To prepare you for the coming changes, we recommend the following reports:

The Rise of Robo-Advice in Wealth Management (Accenture, July 2016)
The concept of “robo-advice” has gained significant attention within the wealth management industry. Although robo-advice to date has gained only a small share of AUM so far, its rate of growth is set to accelerate.

The Top 10 Drivers Disrupting Global Wealth and Asset Management (EY, July 2016)
The Wealth Management and Asset Management industries are confronted by a whole raft of disruptive trends; some technological in nature, some regulatory, some the result of long-running market forces. Firms who prepare well in advance, and seize the opportunity to innovate, will be winners. Others may perish.

#SocialMediaStudies - Asset Management in the Social Era (PwC, July 2016)
This report by PwC/CACEIS examines the asset management industry's use of social media. It compares the results with the authors' previous study and gives a helpful breakdown of social media use by different industries.

The Future of Asset Management (Robeco, June 2016)
Demographic and regulatory trends have imposed gradual change upon the industry, but technological developments are now injecting more urgency into the pace of change. In this white paper, Robeco examines the forces that are driving change, and how this will transform the industry. 

The Experience Factor: The new growth engine in wealth management (EY, 2016)
Unprecedented change is taking place within the wealth management industry, for example, shifting client demographics, preferences, fintech and more. This paper by Ernst & Young examines the effect of all these changes on the industry and how wealth managers should adapt themselves going forward.

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte/Alfi, 2016)
​Fintech is proving to be an asset management industry game changer. This report seeks to describe the impact this recent phenomenon is having on the distribution model of the industry and the strategies to be adopted by incumbent players.

Impact of Brexit on Asset and Fund Managers (Allen & Overy, June 2016)
This paper by Allen & Overy examines the major risks and legal implications of "Brexit" for fund and asset managers. The authors analyse the possible short- and long-term impact on the sector as a whole. They discuss contingency planning, the different post-Brexit models and the difficulties associated with each one.

Social media: Too big for wealth managers to ignore? (2015)
The future of the wealth management industry may well be at stake as social media practices clamber for adoption. In these pages, the authors take us on a journey through the wealth management industry showing us how: the present and future ways social media will be used in client relationships; to manage social media disruption; to understand social risks and regulations; to learn the steps that should be taking immediately.