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  • 30 Nov 2022

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Top-down perspectives on inflation, climate change, and more

As the month of November comes to an end, we thought that it may be useful for investors to have on their desks some of the best papers we have read this month. Below, you can find over 600 pages of high quality, top-down research on a wide range of topics. These include: inflation, population dynamics, credit instruments, derivatives, climate change and digitalisation, among others. We hope you find the list useful.

Digitalisation for Sustainable Infrastructure (McKinsey & Company)

The digital race has substantial economic and political implications. One key sector that is being transformed by digitalisation is infrastructure.

Smile! CTA Convexity Is Not Lost… (Candriam)

The smile pattern provides information about how a CTA portfolio responds to market changes. Therefore, measuring smiles can yield additional information about CTAs' performance.

Creating Portfolio Convexity: Trend Versus Options (Man Group)

How can investors hedge against downside risk and create convexity? Are option puts the only viable path to achieve this? No, says Man Group.

Core Real Estate for Institutional Investors (MetLife IM)

Real estate offers some of the best total returns, historically speaking. Here is what investors can expect from this asset class going forward.

Incorporating ESG Risk In Fundamental Market Risk Models (Amundi)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States

This paper aims to bring some order to the world of ESG and Impact Investing, looking at qualitative definitions and quantitative metrics of investment performance.

The Corporate Bond Is Back (Lombard Odier IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

After a year of increasing volatility, corporate bonds are in a very appealing position for investors. Their high yields suggest that there is potential for capital appreciation.

The Global Effects of Asia’s Aging Population (Credit Suisse)

The biggest problem facing Asian economies is not debt. Rather, it is the rapidly aging population which threatens economic productivity and, in turn, growth.

Why Natural Capital Now? (Nuveen)

Over the past few years, natural capital, like farmland and timberland, has grown in importance not only as an attractive source of revenue but also as a hedge against uncertainty.

History Lessons: How “Transitory” Is Inflation? (Research Affiliates)

Inflation may be transitory. However, looking at history, investors can see that for inflation to return to normal levels it may take longer than first anticipated.

Food Security: Tackling the Crisis and Building Future Resilience (Citi GPS)

Food security is an issue for almost a third of the world's population. Solving this problem is essential for a more sustainable and fairer economic model.