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July's Top Papers: Crypto, CBDCs, Geopolitics, Hedge Funds and More

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  • 01 Aug 2022

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Thought Leadership Gems From July

This selection of Top Papers not only contains some of the highest-quality downloaded papers during July, but some thought leadership gems which the Savvy Content team believes should attract a wider audience. The research could give investors coming to the Savvy platform a crucial information edge. The topics covered range from geopolitics and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to crypto assets, sustainability, and hedge funds' performance.

Geopolitics 2.0: Mapping the new world (Roland Berger, 2022)

This remarkable and ambitious paper lays out the new world order investors should prepare for in the 21st century, with detailed descriptions of the disruptions that lie ahead.

An Investor’s Guide to the Circular Economy (ISS Governance, 2022)

The concept of a circular economy is relatively new. How does a circular business model look like and what are its potential benefits and drawbacks?

The Coming of Age of Central Bank Digital Currencies (Invesco, 2022)

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Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are becoming a reality sooner than most market participants have forecast. Invesco maps out the latest developments and the implications.

An Investor’s Guide to Crypto (Man Group, Jun 2022)

This paper looks at the volatility of the asset class, as well as key regulatory considerations. It also analyses various strategies for crypto investing.

The Future of Fashion (Robeco, Jun 2022)

The fashion industry is going through significant changes as the global economy is shifting towards a greener future. Long-term investors ought to pay close attention.

World Wealth Report (Capgemini Consulting, 2022)

A well-rounded report on the global asset management industry, looking in detail at key dynamics that will shape its future.

Interview: Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management (Talks at GS, 2022)

The co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, Howard Marks, explains his investment philosophy, views on risk and where he currently sees opportunities.

Global M&A Midyear Report 2022 (Bain & Company, 2022)

M&A activity around the world has remain robust despite much turmoil so far this year. Company fundamentals seem strong, driving deal volume.

Night Moves: Is the overnight drift a market anomaly? (Elm Partners, 2022)

The tendency of stocks to deliver their returns when the stock market is closed is a new phenomenon. How can investors explain this apparent anomaly?

The Liquidity Hole is Expanding (Bridgewater Associates, 2022)

After years of easy monetary policy, asset prices have become dependent on a continuous flow of liquidity. Central banks turning hawkish is not a good sign, however.

Hedge Fund Performance: A quantitative survey (2022)

Hedge fund performance is notoriously difficult to measure. The authors do an excellent job at demonstrating the wide discrepancy in the performance data.