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Top Papers - April 2024

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  • 03 May 2024

top papers

What were the most thought-provoking insights from April?

This month's selection of top papers brings allocators a wide range of insights on current market and economic developments. These include the latest changes within Bitcoin, trends within the gold market, the changes observed across credit markets, and many more. And make sure to check our Special Report, written in conjunction with Nuveen, on a topic vital to the transition toward a greener economy.

Unraveling 9 Key Credit Questions About Credit (Robeco)

So far in 2024, bond markets have been buoyed by signals of a soft landing for the U.S. economy. Will this trend continue?

India: Unlocking The Potential (Franklin Templeton)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region

India’s outlook has improved, in particular benefiting from recent policy reforms, which have helped the country address some long-standing vulnerabilities.

Gold as a Strategic Asset: 2024 Edition (World Gold Council)

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Investors have long considered gold to be a beneficial asset during periods of uncertainty. But gold is not an asset class reserved just for dark times!

2024 Bitcoin Halving (FTSE Russell)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Halving is one of Bitcoin’s most distinctive features, with the precision and predictability of each halving event setting it apart from other crypto and traditional assets.

A Framework for Allocating to Cash: Risk, Horizon, and Funding Level (Vanguard)

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This paper offers a comprehensive framework for considering the role of cash in an allocator's portfolio, considering three fundamental factors.

Achieving Diversification in Unlisted Infrastructure Investment (EDHEC Infra)

Using the intrinsic risk characteristics of infrastructure investments to build portfolios can achieve twice the diversification of a more traditional approach.

2024 Global Wealth Management Industry Report (EY)

How does one outperform in today’s wealth management industry? This is the critical question for many wealth managers that gets to the heart of the investment industry.

Global EV Outlook 2024 (IEA)

Electric car sales keep rising and could reach around 17 million in 2024, accounting for more than one in five cars sold worldwide. Is this development sustainable?

The Simple Macroeconomics of AI (CEPR)

This paper shows that there are much bigger gains to be had from generative AI—but these gains will remain elusive unless there is a reorientation of the industry.


Power Play: Private Credit and the Race to Decarbonize (Nuveen)

The transition toward a greener economy requires trillions of USD in investment—a huge opportunity for allocators. This report focuses on the need to further the electrification of the U.S. energy grid, exploring the risks that such an undertaking presents, as well as the exciting opportunities.