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January 2022 Top Papers

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  • 31 Jan 2022
  • Updated 01 Feb 2022

Top Investment Content from January 2022

The Savvy Investor Content Team presents some of the top institutional investment content uploaded during January 2022. We'd love to know what you think about our selection, so drop us a line at

Within this collection of papers are some real gems. Jeremy Grantham from GMO outlines his thinking about the next superbubble, Bloomberg offers insights into how they think cryptocurrencies might be adopted by the U.S. in 2022, and GSAM offers insight into the (finally!) fully-funded U.S. Corporate Pensions world. Commensurate with the beginning of the year, there are a number of outlook papers covering a range of asset classes, while PGIM's Annual 'Best Ideas' paper is always a compelling read. 


(Approaching the End of) The First U.S. Bubble Extravaganza (GMO, 2022)

In this well publicised paper, Jeremy Grantham from GMO outlines his thinking about what he perceives to be the next developing superbubble, the fourth in a hundred years, in the U.S. markets. 

U.S. Corporate Pensions Annual Review and Preview 2022 (GSAM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

GSAM notes that in 2021, having gone sideways for much of the prior decade, the aggregated GAAP funded status for S&P 500 companies breached 100%, driven mainly by strong returns in equity markets. 

Allview Fixed Income – Investment Road Map 2022 (Allspring Global Investors)

In their Fixed Income Investment Road Map for 2022, Allspring Global Investments outlines their viewpoint across the full range of fixed income markets. 

Integrating Climate Change into CMAs (Wellington Management, 2022)

Wellington Management outlines how they now incorporate climate-related inputs, including both physical and transition risks, into their Capital Market Assumptions. Most asset classes are negatively impacted, but some significantly more so than others.  

Predictors of Success in a Greening World (Lombard Odier IM, Dec 2021)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Lombard Odier identifies some of the winners and losers, both at a country and corporate level, in the transition towards a green economy. 

2022 Global Alternatives Outlook (JP Morgan Asset Management)

JP Morgan AM professionals from across their $200 billion alternatives platform offer their perspectives on markets and combine those with their most promising ideas. 

The Asset Owner 100 (Thinking Ahead Institute, 2021)

This Thinking Ahead Institute Asset Owner 100 publication gathers data on the top 100 global asset owners. A smaller dataset is gathered for endowments and insurance companies. 

Return-Free Risk (Hussman Funds, 2022)

This report from Hussman Funds suggests that the Federal Reserve has inflated assets to such a degree that all investors are likely to see in future is a return-free risk. 

Annual Best Ideas: Opportunities for long-term investors to thrive (PGIM, 2022)

PGIM presents their ‘Best Ideas’ compilation, drawn from the collective wisdom of professionals from across the range of PGIM businesses.

2022 Municipal Credit Outlook (Northern Trust AM)

Northern Trust AM explores the prospects for the U.S. Municipal Bond market in 2022, noting that pandemic-related federal aid and growing state and local tax revenues have built a firm foundation for both state and local governments.  

Global Cryptocurrencies 2022 Outlook (Bloomberg)

In this outlook piece, Bloomberg expects that the U.S. will begin to adopt properly regulated cryptocurrencies in 2022. They are positive on the prospects for crypto. 

Asset Allocation for an ESG World (UBS AM, 2021)

UBS AM suggests an asset allocation framework for investors which incorporates both ESG and traditional performance considerations, enabling success on both fronts.  

Real Estate 2022: Annual strategy outlook (Principal Real Estate Investors)

In this real estate outlook piece, Principal Real Estate Investors highlights some of the conundrums thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic. They take a thematic approach to investments but note that tactical opportunities still exist. 

Macro Factor Investing with Style (Portfolio Management Research, 2022)

In this paper, the authors suggest that investors might cope with growth and inflation concerns by constructing factor-based portfolios focusing on assets exhibiting the key macroeconomic factors such as growth, inflation, and defensive. These should enable the risk exposure to be managed according to specific economic outcomes.