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The top 12 white papers in November 2015

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These were the most viewed and trending papers from the last month:

1. Expected Future Asset Class Returns for 2016-2020 (Robeco)
In this brilliant 120 page document, Robeco present their predictions for major asset classes' expected returns from 2016-2020. They also explicate the evidence and assumptions underlying these forecasts.

2. Looking to 2020 - the Future of Alternative Investments (World Economic Forum)
50 page report analyzing the drivers of the industry and exploring the future outlook. Focusing particularly on PE buyouts, HFs and VC. The report demonstrates great insight into how the industry ecosystem is evolving.

3. Dynamic Asset Allocation Through the Business Cycle (Oppenheimer, 2015)
The authors present a "dynamic" approach to asset allocation, which allocates assets according to the macro regime, using "leading indicators" to anticipate regime changes.

4. Front Office and Asset Management Salaries - 2015 survey results
Detailed reports setting out average compensation levels across a wide variety of asset management roles in the UK, US, Canada, Asia and Australia.

5. Guide to the Private Equity Secondary Market (Dow Jones, 2015)
A comprehensive overview of the PE secondary market, including details of investors who have backed secondary market funds, the types of fund sought, and the key intermediaries.

6. Global Pension Risk Survey 2015 - UK, Canada, Netherlands and Switzerland (Aon Hewitt)
Aon Hewitt surveys the global landscape for the management of Pension Risk, for funds in UK, Canada, Netherlands and Switzerland. The proportion of schemes implementing LDI strategies or using alternatives continues to grow.

7. Trading and Electronic Markets: What Investment Professionals Need to Know (CFA)
Another excellent publication from the CFA Research Institute, with particular emphasis on types of trader, the cost of trading and electronic markets.

8. Diversified Growth Funds: Navigating the Maze (Cambridge Associates, 2015)
This 20 page report from Cambridge Associates examines the progress and performance of diversified growth funds, their role in a pension portfolio, and the process of implementation and manager selection.

9. Global Listed Infrastructure: the liquid alternative (BNY Mellon, 2015)
This 12 page document from BNY Mellon examines the arguments for allocating to global listed infrastructure - an asset class that is receiving increasing attention from asset allocators.

10. Factor Investing: New Investment Paradigm or Another Marketing Fad? (Edhec)
This comprehensive 220 page report examines the relative efficiency of standard implementations of factor investing, based on commonly-used factors in the equity, fixed-income and commodity universes.

11. US Fiduciary Primer: Best practices for managing an investment pool (2015)
This 44 page document is aimed particularly at Investment Committee members in the US; with responsibility for DB or DC pensions, endowments, foundations or healthcare plans.

12. The world's 300 largest pension funds (Towers Watson, 2015)
This 47 page report from Towers Watson provides details of the world's largest pension funds, showing data by type, region, DB/DC and asset allocation by region. According to this research, 43% of the world's pension assets are now represented by the top 300 pension funds across the globe.

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