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The Top 16 Investment White Papers in January 2016

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These were our most viewed and trending papers from the last month:

1. Savvy Investor Awards - The Best White Papers of 2015
This blog post lists the full list of winners in the 2015 Savvy Investor Awards.

2. The 2016 Global Risks Report (World Economic Forum)
This detailed 78-page report examines the main global risks faced by economies and markets under five key headings: economic; environmental; geopolitical; societal and technological.

3. Global Macro Outlook for 2016 (KKR, January 2016)
KKR believes we are entering turbulent waters - where the risk incentive to investors has minimised, equity valuations are high and central bank policy is changing. It advises a focus on raising cash and a more defensive investment strategy.

4. Front Office and Asset Management Salaries 2016 - New Surveys
What are you worth? New survey results reveal benchmark compensation across a wide variety of asset management roles in the UK, US, Canada, Asia and Australia.

5. Turning DC Assets into a Lifetime Paycheck - Evaluating Investment Choices (PIMCO)
To generate a secure retirement income stream, is the best strategy for retirees to keep savings in their DC plan? The paper considers investment lineups and the management of longevity, inflation and market risks.

6. Endowments: Are Your Reserves Truly Long-Term Capital? (Cambridge Associates)
The authors of this paper examine the processes that should be considered for determining the "right level" of reserves, and how these reserves should be managed.

7. Predicting Volatility (Lazard)
Volatility forecasting has huge implications - especially for those using risk parity, volatility targeting and asset allocation strategies. This paper examines the characteristics and effectiveness of different approaches volatility prediction.

8. Global Real Estate Trends 2016 (Pramerica Real Estate Investors)
The authors of this paper explore eight key trends that they expect to shape real estate market conditions and investment performance in 2016 and beyond.

9. Absolute Return Fixed Income (bfinance)
This paper seeks to deepen understanding of absolute return fixed income strategies. It also examines whether such strategies improve a fixed income portfolio's risk/return profiles.

10. FX Outlook for 2016 (Brown Brothers Harriman)
This paper by Brown Brothers Harriman examines the foreign exchange outlook for the Q1 2016, in a world where divergence among central banks is deepening.

11. NEPC 2015 DC Plan & Fee Survey
This NEPC paper aims to help employers and plan sponsors understand the pricing and fee structures of their defined contribution plans.

12. The world's 300 largest pension funds (Towers Watson, 2015)
This 47-page document provides insight and information on the biggest pension funds in the world, sorting data by asset type, region, DB/DC and asset allocation.

13. Risks and Opportunities from Climate Change: Playbook (Cambridge Associates)
How should fiduciaries, pension funds and managers of truly long-term funds approach the subject of climate risk? This 40-page paper explores the long-term risks and opportunities for investors.

14. Rethinking Investment Performance Attribution (AIMCO, 2014)
This article follows the journey of Alberta Investment Management Corporation as they develop a new performance attribution system - a tool for investment management.

15. JP Morgan Quarterly Guide to the Markets (Q1 2016)
JP Morgan release these detailed "Guide to the Markets" regional assessments every quarter. The Savvy Investor holds a selection of them covering the U.S, Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil.

16. Into a New Dimension: An Alternative View of Smart Beta (Towers Watson)
This primer seeks to educate readers on the "smart beta" concept. They believe that it covers a wide range of ideas that challenge the traditional black-and-white split between alpha and beta.

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