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The Five Most-Viewed White Papers and the Five Most-Viewed Blog Posts on Savvy Investor

The Five Most-Viewed White Papers on Savvy Investor

Since Savvy Investor launched in March 2015, more than 100 white papers have received over 1,000 views. Here we present the 5 most popular white papers of all time. Below, we've also included the top 5 blog posts of all time.

1. Expected Returns 2017-2021 (Robeco) - 5903 views
The authors of this paper discuss in detail their forecasts for five-year returns from the major asset classes, and their expectations with regard to key global market issues in the medium-term.

2. Long-Term Investing - Portfolio Guide (FCLT) - 3024 views
This 60-page report is the result of a collaboration between nine major institutional investors from Canada, US, Europe and Asia. The paper examines five action areas for institutional investors to address in order to improve long-term outcomes for funds and stakeholders.

3. Reflections on the Ten Attributes of Great Investors - 2937 views
Based on his vast investment industry experience, Michael Mauboussin shares his wisdom on the 10 key attributes of great bottom-up investors in this 20-page research note.

4. The world's 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson) - 2605 views
This detailed 2016 paper by Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world.

5. Financial Market History (CFA Institute Research Foundation) - 2584 views
This epic 279-page report contains contributions from a number of world-renowned investors, each examining a different aspect of financial market history. Published by the CFA Institute Research Foundation, this is a must-read, with some great insights.


The Five Most-Viewed "Savvy Blog" Posts on Savvy Investor

Every week, the Savvy Investor Research Team produces two or three thematic blog posts, highlighting the top papers on a selected topic. These have proved very popular; more than 70% of our blog posts have received over 1,000 views. Here are the five most-viewed posts from the Savvy Blog. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most eagerly downloaded content is based around surveys of asset management compensation!

1. Asset Management Salaries and Bonuses (4700 views)

2. Applying ESG data to the investment process (3236 views)

3. Momentum strategies for TAA (2822 views)

4. Best Smart Beta Paper 2016 (2784 views)

5. The megatrends reshaping asset management (2685 views)

To see the complete list of thematic pieces, visit the Savvy Blog.

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