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The Top 16 Investment Papers of 2016

Savvy Investor is the world's leading knowledge network for institutional investors, with over 16,000 members and a research library containing over 15,000 white papers. Launched in March 2015, we curate the best investment white papers for our global audience.

Here, we list the top papers of 2016. They cover a wide range of investment themes, including: long-term expected returns, smart beta strategies, global pensions, fund management trends and fintech.

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Expected Returns 2017-2021: It's Always Darkest Just Before Dawn (Robeco)
The paper by Robeco examines a variety of key issues for global markets. It sets out forecasts for returns from the world's major asset classes over the next five years.

The Robustness of Smart Beta Strategies (EDHEC-Risk Institute)
This EDHEC paper examines the importance of robustness for smart beta strategies, explaining how a strategy being "relatively robust" differs from "absolute robustness".

Discovering Phi: Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance (State Street Center for Applied Research and CFA Institute)
This paper explores motivation theory and the nature of motivation in investment management firms. It examines how investment managers can improve their “phi” (purpose, habits and incentives) in order to generate better outcomes.

JP Morgan Quarterly Guide to the Markets
The JP Morgan quarterly "Guide to the Markets" is a bumper 80-page report, packed with charts and tables, illustrating global economic trends, and examining the key drivers of equity and fixed income markets for the period ahead.

The Rise of Indices Is Changing the Face of Investing (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
This report by S&P Dow Jones Indices seeks to answer a number of important questions about how indices are changing the face of investing.

The Coming Pensions Crisis (Citi)
This report by Citi examines the scale of the global pensions problem. It recommends a number of solutions, in particular, identifying the opportunities that this situation creates for corporate plan sponsors, asset managers and insurers.

Endgame Portfolios and the Role of Credit (Legal & General Investment Management)
This paper by Paul Sweeting, Head of Research at LGIM, sets out a framework for designing endgame investment portfolios for schemes aiming for self-sufficiency.

Innovations in Long-Term Capital Management: The Practitioner's Perspective
(World Economic Forum)

This paper by the World Economic Forum considers how asset owners have invested their knowledge capital and the implications that flow through the whole industry supply chain.

In-House Investment Management: Making and Implementing the Decision
(Centre for International Finance and Regulation)

This study examines in-house investment management by asset owners. It specifically focuses on the opinions and approaches of Australian superannuation (pension) funds, drawing on interviews with industry executives.

Capturing the Chinese A-shares and H-shares Anomaly (FTSE Russell)
This paper by FTSE Russell studies the behaviour of the price differential between China A and H-shares over the period 2006-2016, and explores how investors can use this to their advantage.

The Global Asset Management Industry 2016 (Boston Consulting Group)
This report by the Boston Consulting Group provides insights into the state and outlook of the asset management industry, examining how business models are evolving and describing the winning asset management models of the future.

Global Private Equity Report 2016 (Bain & Company)
This report examines the state of the PE industry over the last year, and their expectations for the next ten. It covers different themes: fund-raising; LP demand and GP supply; the outlook for private equity returns, etc.

Responsible Investment Report 2015 (Norges Bank Investment Management)
This detailed paper provides insights into how NBIM operates in the area of responsible investing. It explains the purposes behind the organisation's responsible investing philosophy and the main pillars of its process.

In the Eye of the Storm: Global Insurers' Investment Strategies (BlackRock)
This paper provides findings from BlackRock's recent survey of global insurers. It focuses on four main areas of inquiry: Risk, Asset Allocation, Private Markets and Regulation.

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte)
This report by Deloitte describes the impact fintech is having on the distribution model of the asset management industry. It also suggests a number of strategies to be adopted by incumbent players. 

Wealth Management in the Digital Age (Capgemini)
The pace of digital change within the wealth management industry has been slow due to various misconceptions. This paper by Capgemini seeks to dispel some of these myths.