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The 10 Top Papers of 2017 for US Pension Plans

The Top 10 White Papers of 2017 - for US Pension Plans

The Savvy Research team has curated this list from amongst the most popular white papers of 2017. Register today for immediate access to our FREE research library of over 15,000 white papers.

US grandmother top US pensions white papers

U.S. Multiemployer DB Plans: Investment Challenges (Cambridge Associates, 2017)
Adaptive and sophisticated strategies are necessary to serve the unique features, constraints, and needs of multi-employer plans.

How ETFs are Transforming Active Management (BlackRock, 2017)
Investors are increasingly turning to indexed ETFs to construct portfolios, fine-tune risk and improve operational tasks like cash management and portfolio transitions.

Equity Market Volatility: It's Too Quiet Out There (T. Rowe Price, April 2017)
While investors continue to enjoy strong returns from global equities, one nagging source of discomfort is the remarkably low level of volatility.

LDI - Managing Surplus Volatility by Reducing Drawdown Risk (QMA, 2016)
This paper by QMA recommends that plan sponsors prioritize the trade-off between surplus volatility and funded status, and examine their growth assets for ways to reduce surplus volatility.

Asset Management Compensation in the USA (Johnson Associates)
This US salary survey, compiled jointly by Johnson Associates and Greenwich Associates, shows median salary and bonus earned by analysts, traders and portfolio managers, working in equity and fixed income, for traditional asset managers and at hedge funds.

2017 ESG Trends to Watch (MSCI)
Underlying all the major ESG trends for 2017 is a strategic decision – do we change the way we think about investing, or is this business as usual.

Best practices in the Pension Funds investment process (PwC, 2016)
This paper by PwC examines investment process best practices by global pension funds. It looks at growing asset allocation trends, regulations, governance models, and other drivers of change.

From Stall Speed to Reflation: A Turning Point for Investing (PineBridge)
Markets have finally entered a new regime of improving confidence, growth, leverage, and prices. For investors, success ahead will require a more active approach.

Target-Date Funds: A new blueprint for improving retirement outcomes (AB, 2017)
TDFs are becoming the most critical pool of assets for meeting the retirement needs of America’s workers. But AB fears that many of the current funds are managed as relics of the past and don’t incorporate today’s best practices and solutions

2016 US Pension Review (Goldman Sachs Asset Management, March 2017)
This 15-page report by Goldman Sachs Asset Management presents the findings of a recent survey on the state of defined benefit pension plans in the S&P 500.

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