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10 Top Papers for Canadian Pension Funds

Top 10 Papers of 2017 - for Canadian Pensions

The Savvy Research team has curated this list from amongst the most popular white papers of 2017. Register today for immediate access to our FREE research library of over 15,000 white papers.

Vancouver Canada top Canadian pension white papers

Discount Rate Sensitivities in Canadian Pension Plans (SoA, 2017)
Measurement and management of pension plan risks requires a thorough understanding of the relationship between actuarial liabilities and the discount rate used to measure liabilities.

Survey of Canadian CFA Charterholder Compensation
Showing salary, bonus and benefit levels for portfolio managers, multi-asset PMs, portfolio analysts, risk analysts, compliance/regulatory professionals, investment marketers, product development professionals, investment advisers and private client execs. 

Decumulation: Improvements for DC and Capital Accumulation Plans (ACPM, 2017)
The capital accumulation plan (“CAP”) sector is maturing in Canada and large numbers of Canadians will ultimately be entering retirement without the security of a defined benefit pension.

Best practices in the Pension Funds investment process (PwC, 2016)
This paper by PwC examines investment process best practices by global pension funds. It looks at growing asset allocation trends, regulations, governance models, and other drivers of change.

The world's 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson, 2016)
This comprehensive paper by Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world.

LDI - Managing Surplus Volatility by Reducing Drawdown Risk (QMA, 2016)
This paper by QMA recommends that plan sponsors prioritize the trade-off between surplus volatility and funded status, and examine their growth assets for ways to reduce surplus volatility.

2017 ESG Trends to Watch (MSCI)
Underlying all the major ESG trends for 2017 is a strategic decision – do we change the way we think about investing, or is this business as usual.

Fiscal Policy, Inflation and the Role of Real Assets (QMA, March 2017)
Of all the variables the new administration brings for investors one of the trickiest to plan for is inflation.

Inefficiencies in the Pricing of Exchange-Traded Funds (FAJ, 2017)
Despite the arbitrage mechanism that allows authorized participants to create and redeem shares for the underlying portfolios, ETF prices can deviate significantly from the net asset values

The Future of Emerging Market Equities (BNP Paribas, April 2017)
Is the recent rebound in relative performance structural or just temporary mean reversion?

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