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The Long Road to a Greener Economy

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  • 17 Feb 2023


ESG and sustainable investing insights

Lately, ESG has been put under a spotlight of scepticism. Do these three letters represent a long-term shift, or are they another financial trend that will wither away? One key argument is that ESG remains at the heart of sustainable investing – as the pathway for a fairer economy – but how it is applied in practice it is being re-thought.

Perspectives From ESG Leaders (American Century Investments)

Global asset owners present their current approaches and views on ESG, including where they see challenges and opportunities.

Investment Implications Of U.S. Transition Policy (BlackRock)

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What will be the likely impact of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and other legislation on the green transition towards a fairer economy?

Rethinking Sustainable Investing Approaches and Evaluation (MFS)

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For sustainable investing to be successful it needs to account for the actual challenges which managers face when implementing it.

Unlocking the Hydrogen Age (Capgemini Research Institute)

A low carbon world cannot come about without taking hydrogen energy seriously. This paper provides a detailed account of the coming hydrogen age.

The Investment Case For Addressing Biodiversity Loss (Impax Asset Management)

Biodiversity loss is a growing risk for asset allocators. Addressing this tragedy should be high on the ESG agenda of global investors.

The Market Effect Of Biodiversity Risk: Brazilian Corporate Bonds (Amundi)

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Biodiversity is an important part of the planet's natural capital, without which our economy cannot function or grow.

Using ESG Data To Build Environmentally Friendly Portfolios (Manulife IM)

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ESG data can help investors build portfolios more focused on environmental issues. This brings profit-making in line with the philosophy of sustainable investing.


Sustainable Goals in Sovereign Investing (Candriam)

Sovereign debt directly funds government activities, and focus should be on those that want to help society transition to a more sustainable future. In this Special Report, Candriam looks at the sustainability approach that investors in sovereign debt take.