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Why Should Investors Still Look at ESG?

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  • 18 Oct 2023
  • Updated 27 Oct 2023


Balance is key, especially when it comes to investing…

The idea that an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy could cover all three letters that make it up equally turned out to be wishful thinking. Allocators need to pick those strategies that focus either on the E, the S, or the G if they wish to be able to accurately measure just how impressive returns have been. Check out the latest insights into the ESG investing framework to help you recalibrate your approach.

ESG and Global Investor Returns Study (Kroll)

As the relevance of ESG investing has increased for investors, so has the confusion and lack of clarity about the role of ESG in evaluating investment decisions.

Global Perspectives On Investing In The Low-Carbon Transition (BlackRock)

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Looking at the data from this survey, the majority - 56% - of respondents indicated a preference for a whole portfolio approach to transition investing.

Busting ESG Myths: Sustainable Investing Truths (American Century Investments)

Sustainable investing strategies are diverse. Investors need to double down on their due diligence in finding the right one for them.

Real Estate Climate Risk Premium (Natixis IM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States and Canada

Using a bespoke analytical tool, this report looks in-depth at the real estate's climate risk premium.

The Impact of Green Investors on Stock Prices (BIS)

In the fight against climate change, the role of financial asset owners and managers is widely debated. This report sheds some light on this topic.

Investing In Food Systems To Address Climate Change (PGIM)

Shehriyar Antia, PGIM's Head of Thematic Investing, explains why the food system plays a critical role in the world's fight against climate change.

The Energy Transition: Storage And Flexibility (Wellington Management)

A diversified exposure to renewables, battery storage, and flexible-generation assets could produce competitive investment returns.

TNFD Recommendations Set Path For Nature-Related Disclosure Standards (Qontigo)

The TNFD recommendations set a road map to guide companies in integrating nature into their governance, strategy, risk and impact management, and metrics and targets.

ESG Performance and Stock Risk in U.S. Financial Firms

This paper looks at the association between U.S. financial firms' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and stock risk.

Why Some Americans Do Not See Urgency on Climate Change (Pew Research Center)

Data shows that fewer than half of all Americans reject that humans are major contributors to climate change or say addressing the issue is not too important for the country.

The Role of ESG in Equity Returns Across Different Markets (Alpha Architect)

Sustainable investing continues to gain popularity, with allocators frequently attracted not only by ethical concerns but also by the lure of better returns.