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Consultant Relations - how to impress in meetings with investment consultants

In the US and UK, investment consultant recommendations drive the vast majority of institutional investor relationships with asset managers. Getting onto a consultant's short-list and staying there is fundamental to a firm's success, and the role of consultant relations staff is crucial.

Earlier this year, Greenwich Associates published an excellent paper helping investment marketers to maximise their chance of success in meetings with investment consultants. This paper is on the Savvy Investor site and has proven very popular. We've listed it below, together with others that investment marketers and consultant relations executives will find of value.


Best Practices in Meetings with Investment Consultants (Greenwich Associates)
This recently released white paper by Greenwich Associates helps guide managers through the preparation, execution and follow-up of these meetings.

Fund Manager Selection: 'On the approved list' (Your Second Opinion)
How do you get on an Investment Consultant's approved list? And how do you stay there? This workbook is intended to complement and support any existing investment organization by considering the issues and opportunities of each firm’s unique existing circumstances and your leadership.

Picking winners? Investment consultants' recommendations of fund managers
This 2013 paper uses survey data to analyze what drives consultant recommendations on institutional funds, the extent of the impact on flow of said recommendations, and the extent of the value said plans add to plan sponsors. In the United States, these plan sponsors rely on advice from investment consultants as to how best to manage their over $33 trillion in funds.

What Characteristics Are Consultants Looking For In A Manager?
What are the hallmarks of successful investment managers? What are the characteristics that savvy asset owners and consultants should be looking for, in order to identify skilled managers? Here is an insightful paper from Cambridge Associates.

Hallmarks of Successful Active Equity Managers (Cambridge Associates)
How can investors select active equity managers to maximize their odds for success? While there are no silver bullets in active equity manager selection, some managers have generated attractive long-term performance that exceeds both their benchmarks and management fees. This 20 page document from Kevin Ely of Cambridge Associates highlights key characteristics to look for. The paper has a particular focus on active share, portfolio concentration, tracking error, and assessing the diversity of industry factor risks.


You will find many more papers on this subject in the Manager Selection section of the site.