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Sustainable Infrastructure: Investing for the future

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EVs, Digital Infrastructure, and the Energy Transition

What will our world look like in decades to come? We can imagine cities of electric vehicles, powered by clean energy, and an increasing reliance on digital infrastructure. As infrastructure becomes more sustainable, these transitions will present many opportunities for investors.

Driving toward a Greener Future (S&P Dow Jones Indices, 2022)

Moving to electric vehicles (EVs) as a replacement for fossil fuel powered vehicles may be a crucial step in decarbonisation efforts, in turn providing investment opportunities.

The EV transition and the Future of A to B (Impax Asset Management, 2022)

As the committed investments in battery and EV tech by the top ten carmakers total $571 billion, the authors suggest enabling technologies as an investment opportunity.

Digital Shift: Data Centres and Digital Infrastructure (Global X ETFs, May 2022)

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The data centres and cellular towers that digital technologies rely on may have an important role in the sustainable transition. Investing in related REITs could prove fruitful.

Global Digital Infrastructure Investment: For a just transition (Actis, 2022)

This paper explores the digital divide – the unequal access to digital infrastructure – and the opportunities in delivering the UN's SDGs and empowering the net zero transition.

Investing in Natural Capital (Nuveen, May 2022)

We rely on natural capital – air, land, water, and earth's biodiversity. To invest in the sector may provide both sustainability and financial return benefits.

Podcast: Greece Case Study – Extreme heat as the silent killer (Man Group, 2022)

The Chief Heat Officer for Athens, Greece, on how cities are tackling heat stress, encouraging heat adaptation, and preparing for future extreme heat events. Transcript available.

Energy Networks in the Energy Transition Era (OIES, 2022)

The energy transition will have significant impact on existing networks and infrastructure, and is likely to lead to the development of new infrastructures to support clean energy.


Webinar 30 Jun 2022: Decarbonisation of Electricity (Macquarie Asset Management)

Join Macquarie AM experts who will discuss the investment requirements and opportunities for decarbonising electricity generation and the infrastructure for its distribution.