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Stock Markets: Historic Data and Forecasts

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  • 24 Feb 2023


Is the bear market over? Read more below…

During the first quarter the MSCI World Index has continued to recover from October's lows. While the bear market in equities appears to be over, investor sentiment is less bullish and more cautiously optimistic. Inflation remains at the top of central bank agendas, so tighter monetary policy and lower liquidity levels could weigh on the outlook for equities.

Podcast: What's Next For Growth Stocks? (Baillie Gifford)

Allocating to growth stocks is a strategy under scrutiny in a world where value equities seem more appealing. Is growth investing dead?

How Reshoring May Benefit Small-cap Stocks (American Century Investments)

U.S. small-cap companies typically exhibit more sensitivity to the economy than their large-cap counterparts. "Reshoring" jobs can prove supportive for this part of the market.

Analyzing High Dividend Yield Strategies In Australia (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

This paper builds on the already rich literature covering how strategies focused on high dividend yield stocks have generated high historical returns.

Is the Bubble About to Burst? (Absolute Return Partners)

A core argument made here is that the performance of U.S. equities will drive that of global stock markets in 2023.

Historic Bear Markets, Nowcasting, And A Lucky Warm Winter In Europe (Macrobond)

After the peak of 1968, the S&P 500 posted a decline of more than 30 percent, as it did after the 1987 and 2020 crashes.

Equity Opportunities After Easy Money (Neuberger Berman)

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The market may be entering a new golden age for disciplined managers who aim to generate alpha by identifying mispriced individual stocks.

Factor Returns and the Information in Valuation Spreads (Alpha Architect)

This analysis points out that value investors should be optimistic, as value stocks are trading at historically cheap levels all around the globe.

Can Both Equities And Bonds Be Right? (Invesco)

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Which are more attractive for allocators at this point in time: equities or bonds? Both asset classes offer risk-reward profiles that meet different portfolio needs.

2023 Portfolio Compass: Australian Equities (Van Eck Global)

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Australian equities, after a turbulent 2022, trade on attractive valuations backed by solid macro fundamentals.