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The rise of sovereign wealth funds

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The Savvy Investor Research Team has curated a wide variety of excellent papers on SWFs. Here is a taster of a few papers, but please click through for the full list:

1. The Rise of Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds (Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco)

Propelled by rapid economic development, Asia's sovereign wealth funds have seen significant growth over the past ten years, both in terms of size and number. These funds often attract attention within the media, and are scrutinized for transparency and political motivations.

2. Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Good Guy Investment Actors? (CIFR)

This article explores the "good guy" potential of SWFs, examining how they could offer a significant benefit to society. In particular, the paper examines the role of SWFs in domestic investment, and the potential they have to stimulate the growth of social capital/nation building in their country of use. Moreover, the article considers the developments made by SWFs themselves to improve their own governance standards.

This short Jun 2014 paper from PricewaterhouseCoopers examines the role of Sovereign Wealth Funds as Private Equity investors. It is expected that SWFs will continue to build on their exposure to private equity, either as Co-Investors or as Limited Partners, leading investment decisions and driving the demand of these funds.