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Real Assets: The Ultimate Hedging Tools

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  • 17 Jul 2023

real assets

The latest insights into natural resources, real estate, and more

Real assets such as natural resources and commercial real estate are among the best hedging tools an institutional investor can employ. This collection of research pieces brings to light some of the latest key insights into the world of real assets, with the aim of helping allocators bolster their portfolios for the months ahead.

Real Estate Reckoning (PIMCO)

The foundations of the global commercial real estate market are shifting. Investors should take advantage of the new opportunities produced by these changes.

Should Investors Consider Natural Resources? (Northern Trust Asset Management)

Perhaps what makes Natural Resources most attractive – certainly for the longer-term investor – is the currently attractive valuations.

Global Real Estate and Banking Sector Turmoil: What Next? (M&G Investments)

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In real estate, most markets have experienced stormy weather since the middle of last year. Where can investors find the right opportunities in this space?

Gold Mid-Year Outlook 2023 (World Gold Council)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

If the recession risk increases, gold investment could see greater upside. Here is how global allocators should think about gold as the year continues.

Preparing For The Next Decade Of Real Estate Investments (Nuveen)

The primary risk for the self-storage sector is in new supply, however managers can mitigate some of the risk by focusing on secondary and tertiary markets.

Monthly Gold Compass July 2023 (Incrementum)

The latest Gold Compass provides allocators with the most important dynamics affecting gold markets.

2023 Global Construction Survey (KPMG)

The 2023 Global Construction Survey gathers responses from nearly 300 E&C firms from around the world, providing investors with a robust analysis of the construction sector.

Private Real Estate Entry Points Emerging amid Selloff (Cohen & Steers)

For the first time since the GFC private commercial real estate valuations are experiencing back-to-back quarterly losses. Should investors still explore this area?